Another pop music blog, eh?

Yeah, another one.  But this one will be different (I hope).

About two years ago on one of the many back-and-forth trips to Michigan State for class, I got the idea for this blog.  But, I promised myself that I wouldn’t work on it until my dissertation was completed and defended.  That all happened earlier this summer, so now we get to work.

So what’s the point of this blog?

I always have music in my head.  From my time in radio – actually, since I got my first phonograph for my 4th birthday (see cover photo) – I’ve always enjoyed music.  In much the same way the most rabid sports fans often can’t swing a bat, I can’t play a note. But I have a keen interest combined with a steel trap for songs that SHOULD have been hits. I want to write about those. I want to look at a lot of songs.  I mean, I just spent four years working on what culminated in a dissertation on my record collection.  Why not keep wandering through the collection, pull records out every once in a while, and share the thoughts?

More importantly, though, the songs often carry a “time and place” sentiment for me (as they may with you as well). I’ll touch on that when the mood is right.

For my students who read the blog, perhaps you’ll find an old song that you’ve never heard before and add it to your playlist.  For others, maybe we’ll conjure up some great pop memories.  Or argue the relative merits of these tunes.  Either way, this should be fun.



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