Mixtape Review: “Music Tape, Summer 1988”

(Above: That's an awfully cute cassette tape.) In a post last week I suggested that the summer of 1988 was my last carefree summer. There's really no way for me to argue with that.  The summer between my first (and last) year as a traditional undergraduate student can best be described as being free of … Continue reading Mixtape Review: “Music Tape, Summer 1988”

Summer’s over: Breathe, “Hands To Heaven” (1988)

(Above: Quite possibly, the world's shortest album.)   There are usually a few signs that summer - and with it, summer vacation - is coming to a close. The main ones that I noticed each year were the intensity of annual cicadas each August and the first broadcast of exhibition football on television.  Hearing both … Continue reading Summer’s over: Breathe, “Hands To Heaven” (1988)