Rest in peace, Darryl Dragon: The Captain and Tennille, “Lonely Night (Angel Face)” (1976)


It’s been a rough day for 76-year-old celebrities with nicknames. All in one day, WWE announcer Gene Okerlund (“Mean Gene”), comedian Bob Einstein (“Super Dave Osborne”), and musician Darryl Dragon (“The Captain”) all passed away on January 2 at the age of 76. Dragon had been suffering from kidney problems for a while, and succumbed to the illness with now-ex-wife Toni Tennille by his side (the couple separated in 2013).

You couldn’t miss The Captain and Tennille in the 70s. Dragon and wife Toni were responsible for – let’s be honest – some pretty awful easy listening/pop crossover (I’m looking at you, “Muskrat Love”). That’s not to say that everything was schmaltzy, though – there were some memorable records in there. From the song that put them on the map, a #1 smash in “Love Will Keep Us Together,” to their last AC chart entry, 1979’s “Happy Together (A Fantasy),” they charted 13 records in total, including five records that topped the AC charts. Their last one to do so, “Do That To Me One More Time,” was also a #1 pop track.

In a post right before Christmas looking at WLS’ playlist from 12/23/78, I mentioned that “You Never Done It Like That” was pretty decent. I’ll make the argument for this one, too: I vaguely recall a television variety show from 1976 where they sang “Lonely Night” in a jungle with some sort of comical backup singing.  Perhaps I imagined it. But AC radio has completely ignored this record, as though it too were imagined – which is, in part, why I thought to bring it back today.

You used to sing to “Angel Face.” You can do so by clicking here.


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